Homenetmen, in Armenian, is an acronym for Armenian Physical Culture and Scouting General Union. It was first established in Constantinople in 1918. The Homenetmen was created with the goal of cultivating exemplary citizens by: teaching endurance, courage, and nationalism; developing a sense of responsibility and honour; and my encouraging a sporting spirit. The Homenetmen achieves this goal through scouting, general physical education, lectures, seminars, public activities, publications, clubs and sports facilities.

Armenian Revolutionary Federation (A.R.F.)
Armenian Revolutionary Federation
Founded in 1890, the programme of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Hai Heghapokhakan Dashnaktsutyun) is based on social justice, democracy and national self-determination for the Armenian people. The ARF-Dashnaktsutyun is internationally recognized as a major political force both in Armenia, Karabagh and in the Armenian communities worldwide.

Armenian National Committee of Canada (A.N.C.C.)
Armenian National Committee of Canada
The Armenian National Committee of Canada (ANCC), founded in 1965, is the largest and most influential Armenian-Canadian grassroots human rights organization. It seeks to foster public awareness about issues affecting the Armenian community in Canada and abroad; represent the collective Armenian-Canadian viewpoint on matters of public interest; act as an advocacy group on matters of interest to the Armenian-Canadian community; support and promote human rights issues in Canada; and serve as a liaison between the community and their elected officials, non-governmental agencies, and others.

Armenian Relief Society (A.R.S.)
Armenian Relief Society
The Armenian Relief Society (A.R.S.), a philanthropic organization, was founded in New York City in 1910 by Edgar Agnouni. Soon after its inception, the primary mission of the A.R.S. was to care for the survivors of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. After World War I and II, the A.R.S. played an important role in receiving and resettling thousands of Armenians deported from their homes. The Armenian Relief Society (A.R.S.) Canada Region was part of A.R.S. North America until 1990 when it became a separate region, to better serve the humanitarian needs of the Canadian community. Since it assembled its first convention in 1991 in St. Catherines, Ontario, A.R.S. Canada has evolved as a vibrant and progressive entity, in keeping with long-standing A.R.S. traditions.

Armenian Youth Federation (A.Y.F.)
Armenian Youth Federation
The AYF continues to be the leading youth organization within the Armenian communities in the Diaspora. It remains committed to its initial mission of advancing the goals of a free, independent, and united Armenia; developing the moral, social and intellectual capacity of the Armenian youth; and operating under its five durable pillars—social, athletic, cultural, political and educational.

Armenian Education Committee (ArmEdCo)

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St. Mary’s Church

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